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Here's the map of hierarchy type of SEO pyramid and the goal is to start at the bottom so to build out a solid base and then to work your way up and to have all-encompassing SEO strategy that can really help to drive traffic and serve as a good outlier for you.

At the bottom you have just putting up site maps and getting your internal links right and getting unique content. Making sure your URL is crawlable. When you move up then you start looking at how do you keyword brainstorming and what keywords do you want to rank for. How do you build out the different tags that the search engines pick up on?

Move up a little further and then you start looking at how do I get incoming links to my site and how do I make other sites want to point traffic to me, to show the search engines that I'm relevant. Then on top of that you look at social media and how do I get more viral marketing engagement. And how do I make people want to not just come to my site, but stay on my site when they get there?

These are all factors that if you put them together you could really have a very strong site that drives traffic and encourages people to want to know more about your business and makes it much easier for people to find your business.

In terms of building accessible sites, I don't want to go into too much on the development side but, I do want to point out a bit of how search engines are looking at your site and what makes it easier for them to crawl your site and makes it more likely that they will find your site.

In terms of building accessible sites, I don't want to go into too much on the development side but, I do want to point out a bit of how search engines are looking at your site and what makes it easier for them to crawl your site and makes it more likely that they will find your site.

And so, in terms of the crawlability and link architecture, you are looking at just a main page that really is very easy. That has very straightforward internal linking and is really a good reflection of your business. And then you have [below that] the topics of what kind of services or products do I offer, and then sub-categories below that.

Then you have the detail in terms of what all that looks like. So by having a site that is very easy to understand and for the [inaudible 14:42] is like straightforward and follows some type of hierarchy structure, it makes the search engines much more likely to be able to find what they are looking for.

The more consistent you make your site, in terms of how other sites are able to be crawled, the more likely that when a search engine starts going out and trying to send out their web crawlers to determine what's out there for the certain topics, that you'll be found and that they'll be reflecting you in terms of how that looks.

Duplicate content. The search engines love new unique content. For a search engine, if they want some information on whatever profession you're in. Whether it's a restaurant or whether you're a professional service, they want you to write your own unique content because that helps make their search engine better and then what they do in turn is when someone pulls up specific information on a subject, then they'll want to direct it to your site because you're actually helping to solve the question or you're helping to make the Internet better by building out your new content.

That's a big area that the search engines look for and if they are able to find any content on your site, they are going to be much more prone to wanting to send traffic to your site for people to get their questions answered, or to find something unique for what it is that they're looking for. At the end of the day, every business is trying to solve a problem and so by you being a credible source on that problem, you're going to be much more likely to drive traffic and convert users into potential customers.

Also, search friendly URLs. You want something that's going to be very easy for and this actually is a big factor in terms of how search engines go about finding what certain websites. You want just like a very simple single domain then you want very easy folder structure and if
there is something you dive into deeper and then you want, ideally the keyword that you're trying to drive.

So, if you're a restaurant or if you are a Thai restaurant, you want it to be Thai restaurants in Seattle. Or something that would be a big keyword driver for your actual site. That would make people potentially want to, or would make the search engines understand that your specific URL is very, very relevant to the types of searches that people are doing, whether it's African elephants or certain types of restaurants or whatever type of service you're offering.

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