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You're a smart contractor and you know QuickBooks has the Financial Reports, Job Costing Reports and Job Profitability Reports you need to operate and grow your construction company; but it does not provide Benchmarking Reports to let you see how your Construction Company is performing compared to your competitors. 

Every time you or your bookkeeper opens the darn thing it sits there and does nothing. That's because QuickBooks is deaf and dumb! The people that developed QuickBooks are geniuses and I really mean it because the products they put out are top drawer!

When you understand they designed it to be sold to all industries, not just my favorite, construction you begin to see the problem; it has tons of stuff contractors don't need.

QuickBooks Is Getting Harder For Contractors To Learn And Use

I know it because for the first 10 years of using it I yelled at it, slammed my fist on the desk, cussed it out, called it every name in the book, threatened it by beating keyboards until they shattered into a million pieces and I got a bloody fist.

I tried asking nicely, performed a variety of song and dance routines, pleaded with it, bought and read dozens of books all claiming to have the answers to make QuickBooks do what I needed it to do, called QuickBooks technical support and got nowhere because I only speak English.

After all of that, I spent weeks learning the QODBC (QuickBooks Open Database Connector) and how to use it only to discover it's a rabbit hole that never ends. The more you try to make QuickBooks do something you need it to do the deeper you need to go until you wake up and realize you forgot what you were trying to do in the first place.

Five Online QuickBooks Features Contractors Need To Succeed

 1. Online Download Bank And Credit Card Transactions And We Put Them Into QuickBooks

 3. Online Time Tracking And Timecards Which We Put It In QuickBooks

 4. Online Payroll And Tax Reporting Which We Put Into QuickBooks

 5. Online Financial Management Reports Which We Put Into QuickBooks

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